Honor the heart.

We believe that a friend who listens,
a mentor who inspires,
a teacher who guides,
a child who is courageous,
and a parent who loves well should be celebrated.
Long live the fiercely loving, wide-open heart!

A little about us...
Prix grew out of our shared belief in making our homes a reflection of what we most prize about being alive. It takes great heart to live a good life. Trophies and ribbons are awarded for athletic and academic achievement why not also celebrate the most important bits of life? Courage, patience, leadership, optimism, generosity - all take practice and dedication to master. Let's honor these, too.

Our friendship began with a shared love of handmade, thoughtful beauty, of small things that symbolize something greater, of the goodness in life and the joy that comes from expressing this goodness creatively and collectively. We are honored and delighted that our joy in working together has found a home in Prix. We are grateful and so very happy to be able to share this work with you!

-Shanna & Cecelia  


You can find our individual work here:  Shanna | Cecelia